Raw material

Our company has internal rules to verify whether any given raw materials are in compliance with the internal and external regulations related to chemical substances. Such substances are not adoptedunless they are in compliance. If compliance is ascertained, purchase specifications including such items are drawn up. Our specialist will advise to replace the draw out material with the available in-stock material (subject to customer approval). Our raw materials are mainly imported from France,Switzerland, Korea and Japan and others country .


Our company are also specialized in providing formulation to fulfill customer’s specification and requirements. Our R&D team are constantly improving the maximum natural formulations, cold extracting and mixing processes, for the best input possible into our products and skin care applications. We aim to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all our customer’s needs. The formulation can be customized in term of texture, odor, color and function to fit customer’s specification and requirements.

Branding And Design

Our company also offers innovative packaging and branding design: to make your product looks unique and outstanding. We have a team to assists our customers to develop the branding or idea from a scrap idea.


Physical works like filling the material or product into the desired packaging or container are also part of our company services. Certifield of GMP and ISO have proven the quality of our works.

Packaging Selection

Our company recognize the fact that packaging plays a key role in the overall marketing process.We therefore take the time to clearly understand our customer’s brand, then work closely with our customers to select the packaging options that bring out customer product’s attributes and help to bolster sales. Various of packaging selection up to 500 configurations are offered by our company:
a) Pump  b) Spray   c) Jar   d) Sachet
Materials varied from PET, glass, acrylic, plastic and etc.

  • Quick Product Turn Around Times
  • Knowledgeable Skincare Experts
  • Provide Artwork Label & Design
  • Packaging Selection
  • Provide Product Information
  • R & D product development
  • Product Registration (KKM ,SGS ,HSA& HALAL)